Analysis Of The Book ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay

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This article is accurate in its description and review of the book Fahrenheit 451. The points made in this review, as well as the general analysis of symbols, is spot on and I agree strongly with his essay. The writer of this critical essay, Donald Watt, introduces us to his opinion first with the talk of war times and technology. The writer describes how Bradbury uses the world around him as a major part of his book. Fire is used as a symbol of the problems around them. The beginning of the book speaks of Guy Montag’s love of fire. The reviewer says that the use of fire is referring to the war and technology that can be used to destroy when unharnessed. To expand on this, I feel that Bradbury uses the fire as an example of how quickly the technology can destroy us. Everything depends on who is using it, and if they are using it in the right way.
Going along with the use of technology, is also the use of knowledge. Ray Bradbury was different from the authors of his time. Watt describes how he was more lyrical and poetic than other writers, and how this shaped his writing in amazing ways. He uses the symbolism of fire as a flame of knowledge as well. From Watt’s description of this, we can find that Bradbury uses the fire to show that as our flame of knowledge grows brighter and brighter, so do the capabilities of our minds. Of course we can use this knowledge to benefit us, but it can also be used to hurt.
Donald describes how Guy Montag’s entire life is fire. He works…

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