Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Fahrenheit 451 '

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Fahrenheit 451 is about a fireman, named Montag, and his job is to burn books but he doesn’t know why he has to burn the books. He doesn’t start asking questions until his encounter with the neighbor girl named Clarissa. Montag is curious about what is in the books and why they are so bad and so he stole a book from their last “job” and took it home with him. His captain figures out what he has done and gives Montag a chance to burn the book himself or return it to him. Montag partners up with an older guy named Faber, and they make a copy of the book to try and fool captain Beatty. Mildred, Montag’s wife, calls the fire department and rats Montag out and tells them there are still books in their house. Captain Beatty makes Montag burn his own house but what Beatty doesn’t know is that Montag hid the books somewhere else. Montag runs away and gets the books and runs to Faber’s house. Faber tells him to follow the railroad tracks to Saint Louis and that is exactly what Montag does and on his way he meets some men who are in the same place he is. They talk and as they are talking a bomb hits their hometown of Cleveland and so they go back and help clean up and that is the ending to Fahrenheit 451. In Fahrenheit 451 the main themes/ideas are censorship, entertainment, and government control.

Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss and a boy named Peeta and their experience through the “game”. In the beginning Katniss’s sister Prim is drawn from the bowl that decides who…

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