Analysis Of The Book ' Down Here ' By Rick Bragg Essay

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The United States, as known today, is a melting pot of various different beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Some of those who reside here have roots planted as deep as the states history goes, though many come to the United States for a new beginning. Despite the vastly different background that each individual has experience, each one can call this country home. Just as the people are, traditions casted themselves onto society and deep into the history of the United States. Particularly in the south, one of the countries greatest traditions belongs to the great sport of football. Although many discuss the topic, none describe the deep pride southerners have for football quiet as that of Rick Bragg. Throughout his article, Down Here, Rick Bragg uses many forms of ethos, pathos, and logos to highlight his points of the importance of football across the south. A strong proponent in journalism and throughout the literary world in general is the use of ethos in one’s work. Throughout the article Down South, Rick Bragg uses his ethical appeal to persuade the reader to believe what he is writing as true. Bragg made a name for himself as an American journalist and writer for much of his life, known for the non-fiction books he scribed, mostly pertaining to his adolescence in Alabama. Many times has Bragg proven his worth in the literary world, one such example can be seen from the Pulitzer Prize that he won in 1996. As a born and bred southerner, Rick Bragg opinions and…

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