Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Don 't Call Me Kid '

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Your opinion doesn’t matter, you’re just a kid. Everyone, I don 't care who you are, or what point in history you 're from, everyone has heard this at least once. I know I have, and so has Jason, a boy out of the mind of Pamela Joern in the short story, Don’t Call Me Kid. Jason has been dreading to see his father, if fact hes been thinking of how hes going to tell him off when he arrives Friday afternoon but for some reason, Jason doesn 't. They start there journey to Nebraska, miles of nothing to go on a buffalo hunt in the middle of nowhere. Along the way they bicker like two brothers that dont get along and it reminds me of the relationship i had with my dad at a point in our lives. I thought that i knew everything and my dad Tracy was always the opposition. The way they go back and forth really shows an underlying problem between the two, its like they want to open up to each other but they wont allow themselves.

As they drive Dave tries to talk but Jason is reluctant to listen. What ever Dave says it doesnt matter, why would Jason care he never did before. In this sense i think Jason is naive, and Dave is as well. Neither think the others opinion matters but both want to be heard its a battle that goes back and fourth. My father was like this, he thought he knew everything. To me he was just talking to talk and Jason thought the same way of Dave, just trying to make conversation to pass the time. Really both of our fathers were just trying to find a way to reconnect, a…

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