Analysis Of The Book ' Does Race Exist? Essay

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Analysis of a Debate There are many different techniques writers use current day to illustrate their point to the reader but one of the big ones is stasis. Stasis is a 4 question process that encourages building knowledge, it also helps writers deeply analyze the issues at hand that they are trying to investigate further. To be more specific writers use stasis to investigate and attempt to determine the 4 questions, conjecture, definition, quality, and policy. Stasis is a useful tool to discover controversy, the essays we have been reading in class are all targeting the subject of racial situations which are all very controversial. Stasis is basically a clear question that’s purpose is to deepen the mind of the reader. In the article “Does Race Exist?” the reader is educated on genetic information. The author asks us the question “Can genetic information be used to distinguish human groups having a common heritage and to assign individuals to particular ones?” Later in the article the authors answers our questions, yes genetic information is now being used to determine humans, sharing common heritage without even knowing the people’s race. The essay then proves itself to be a stasis by the way it answers the four questions. The first question is “conjecture” which is basically asking “did something happen”, or “what are the facts.” The author answers this question by educating the reader with multiple facts about scientists grouping people based on their genetic makeup.…

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