Analysis Of The Book ' Disgrace Byj.m Coetzee ' Essays

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Analysis of Melanie Isaacs
Disgrace by J.M Coetzee is a remarkable novel written with a setting in post-apartheid South Africa. The author, J.M Coetzee is a South African native, gives the reader an excellent account of some issues that plague South Africa post-apartheid. The title itself describes several events of disgrace for the characters in the fictional novel. One event particular event involves the character Melanie Isaacs and the Protagonist David Lurie. Although, the novel is written from the prospective of the main character David Lurie, the fate of Melanie Isaacs in Disgrace illustrates the issues of race and injustice in post-apartheid South Africa.
Melanie Isaacs is introduced as a student in David Lurie 's Romantics course. She is a young college student with a lot of style, according to David, "her outfits are always striking"(11). Lurie is the professor however, this does not stop him from crossing boundaries that should not be crossed. According to population data released by Statistics South Africa in 2006, the approximate percentage of whites to blacks was 9.2% to 79.2%. Although, whites are considered the minority, they are still considered superiority in post-apartheid South Africa due to the income inequality of the two races. Lurie, a 52 year old white man, was in a positon of authority choose to have sexual relations with Isaacs, a young college student he later refers to as “the dark one”(164). This reference leads the reader to believe that Melanie…

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