Analysis Of The Book ' Derealization ' By David Mills Essay

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How does a boy fare in a world where everything around him is deceptive and full of lies? Does conform? Does he get lost in it? In “Derealization,” the author David mills answers all of these questions as he introduces the readers what happens to a boy who derails reality to compensate for the uncomfortable truths of life and how one can get lost in it. The author also encompasses literary tools, such as illusion motif, symbolism, formal features, and the theme of things being other than they appear, to propel the character development of Shaymus. To convey his message of difficulties in finding truth in the world, Mills shows that one can only pretend for so long until the truth comes out, and that no matter how one tries to hide something or pretend it does not exist, truth has a way of coming out.
The authoritative figures in a teen’s life mold them for adulthood and in Shaymus’ case, the negative examples set by his parents are far from exemplary. Shaymus’ family is comprised of an alcoholic father, who uses alcohol as an outlet “to deal with the people at their worst” (1). He also lives in a constant fear that his father is on the brink of violence. “Doggy gone pepper spray… in case, my old man buries the needle on the drunk meter” (14). And a mother pretends to be a sweeter person in front of her husband, but “behind closed doors…Ma’s kinda this other person I don’t really know” (7). The author exemplifies dysfunctionality in Shaymus’ life as the stepping stone…

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