Analysis Of The Book ' Dear Mrs. Nicolino ' Essay examples

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Dear Mrs. Nicolino,
Zachary is a great kid! I am very thankful to have him as my son. He is a caring and respectful young man. He is extremely kind to animals and is currently helping to raise a new puppy. He will hopefully learn firsthand that the work put into a little one now will reap loyal rewards later. He has a gentle soul, and a terrific grandchild. He has a deep and strong connection with his grandfather and they have had many adventures over the past 13 years that he will carry with him the rest of his life. Plus some things they chose not to tell Mom or Grandma about (driving…the tractor at 4 yrs. old) (driving the car at 12 yrs. old at the State Park). I love and often envy their relationship. I was not close to my grandparents.

He is bright and he stills catches me off guard with his vast knowledge of science and history. When we visited the Air Force Musuem this past summer, he knew information about so many planes and could hold a conversation with the WWII veterans visiting, as well as, the docents that were volunteering.

Zachary enjoys golf and has taken summer sessions with First Tee of Akron for the past five years. He used to play goalie on a soccer team from the time he was five until he was 12. He also began modeling at 4 years old and has acted since he was 8. His first bigger role was in the movie, “Pups United”. He was even invited to audition in New York City for the Jim Gaffigan show and Peter, in last summer’s “Pan” movie. He recently joined…

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