Analysis Of The Book ' Days Gone ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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Multicolored holiday lights spell out messages on living room walls, residents of a small community begin to vanish without a trace, a government lab conceals a malevolent secret, and a creature from a fractured dimension emerges to carry out a deadly agenda. Welcome to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana – the setting for the events of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. The mostly word-of-mouth hit of the summer, Stranger Things brings together elements from horror and science-fiction movies reminiscent of days gone by while simultaneously incorporating a storyline that feels as familiar as it does different. On the surface, the series is enjoyable for its compelling plot, characters, and drama – but as it is explored deeper, it begins to reveal elements of a world more modern than most would have expected. Mirroring the post-Cold War attitudes of American society, a general distrust and anxiety about the government – and the things we simply cannot control – tints the work with an underlying darkness and anxiety from the very beginning. All things considered, Stranger Things is a nostalgic return to the 1980’s era that maintains a modern feel while presenting an enduring and relevant exploration of the depths of human fear and the unknown.
Premiering on Netflix in July of 2016, Stranger Things’ eight-episode freshman season focuses largely on the unknown – and many would argue that element is precisely what made it so successful. Bearing elements reminiscent…

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