Analysis Of The Book ' Davy Crockett Tall Tales ' Essay

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Davy Crockett Tall Tales It is Saturday morning and me and my brothers are sitting in a half circle around the television set. Our favorite Saturday morning matinee is about to come on. The music starts and the song begins with the opening lyrics “Davy, Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier. Excitement fills the air; we are bouncing around the house like a room full of superballs. The Adventure of Davy Crockett is coming on with a new episode. We are all clamming to be Davy Crockett and no one wants to be his sidekick. So what made Davy Crockett such a legendary figure that nearly caused children lose their minds with excitement. If we explore the life and legacy of the really David Crockett, is he truly a Indian fighter, bar busting, and trailblazing woodsman portrayed in the television series? The answer is yes but there is more to this legendary figure’s life than just conquering the unchartered foothills of Tennessee. Most people who follow the legend of Davy Crockett know about the frontiersman fictional life but, not many know Davy Crockett the three-times Congressman. In fact, Davy Crockett career as a Politian help to develop his reputation as a frontiersman. In 1834 Crockett a grand speaker conducted a triumphal speechmaking tour of Whig strongholds in the East. During those tour he was famous for telling attention catching stories. Many of those stories appeared in newspapers and books during his congressional years, the legend rapidly grew of an…

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