Analysis Of The Book ' Dan 's Flat ' Essay

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Dan stumbles down the street toward his best friend Chris’s flat. He could go back to his own flat, but he has drank too much to walk the mile back. When he had remembered that Chris lived two blocks from the bar he immediately started walking before he passed out, knowing that if he passed out in the street that he would surely wake up with no phone or wallet. When he arrives at the flat building he realizes that he doesn’t have a key. He doesn’t bother with knocking, knowing that Chris would just call him a cab and say something about “not wanting to deal with a six foot barf bag”, and heads straight to the back of the building so he can climb in through his window. He stares at the windows trying to calculate which is his. When he sees one that is open and relatively close to his drunk calculations he starts walking toward it. The window was a lot higher up than he expected, despite it being on the ground floor. Dan tries to grab the window sill, failing miserably before realizing that he would have to jump and pull himself up. Dan slightly regrets not going back to his own flat, at least with his own flat he doesn’t have to do exercise while drunk.
Eventually, Dan falls through the window of Chris’s flat. He stumbles to Chris’s couch not bothering to wonder when he got a new couch, or when he got a dog.
He pushes the dog off of the couch and falls onto it; falling asleep immediately. Dan wakes up to Chris yelping.
“Chris what the fuck?” Dan mumbles groggily, “Why are…

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