Analysis Of The Book ' Custer Died For Your Sins ' Essay

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Throughout the years, many historians have studied Native Americans, and each had their own ideas on the culture. Even though they had different thoughts the comparisons of all the historians are extremely interesting. As the years go on and historians developed new ideas about Native Americans the more positivity is brought to the subject. When the first historians began talking about the natives, they had a negative outlook on their culture, and whether they belonged here or not. But as the time progressed historians began to accept their beliefs, and they were welcomed into society compared to before.
Vine Victor Deloria Jr. was a historian that had very strong views on Native American during his time. The book, Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto was written in 1969, and was meant to point out the struggles and abuse the Native American’s were going through because of the white people. He supported the Natives, and wanted justice for them as people. His book was written around the same time as the Alcatraz-Red Power Movement, and the American Indian Movement. Deloria Jr. also wrote the article Native Americans: The American Indian Today which spoke about the difference between how the Native American Indians were in colonial time compared to how they are today. Before they were treated with not respect and not seen as human. As the years passed they were accepted into our society and helped along the way by letting them into the culture we have all learned to…

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