Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Crazy Brave '

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Crazy Brave is a memoir written by Native American poet and artist Joy Harjo. In this memoir Harjo recollects and evaluates a number of pivotal moments, which occur during her life, that altered her identity as well as how she saw the world around her. Many of these moments occur in the first two sections of the book entitled “East” and “West”. These moments include, but are not limited to, when she is playing with bees and is stung as a young girl, when her mother forces her to put on a shirt while playing outside with her brother, when she colors a ghost green in class, when her stepdad finds her personal diary and reads it in front of the rest of her family, as well as when her stepfather does not allow her to be involved with the school play. The moments listed represent Joy’s strife in trying to define herself as a human being. The first pivotal point that stood out to me in Crazy Brave was the story about Joy playing with bees as a child. The story opens with Harjo explaining that one day her mother went across the street to talk to a friend of hers. As her mother was talking to her friend Joy started to play with some bees in the front lawn of her neighbors house. She explains how she plays with the bees when she says, “As I played I caught bees in my hands. They became the people in my stories” (Harjo, 40). She goes on to describe the bees as a family, with a father a mother and children. She uses the term cooperative when describing the bees and states,…

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