Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Confessions Of Saint Augustine '

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The Journey to Saint Hood After reading the book “Confessions of Saint Augustine,” I felt comfortable being able to write my semester paper over this book. This book begins with the life of Saint Augustine. The first nine books (chapters) are mostly made up of the younger days, birth to middle aged, to around the time he converted to Catholicism. For this paper, I went back through and re-read the book to try and interrupt some of the dialogue better than I did the first time. After reading through it again, I did pick up a little bit more than I did the first time I read, which defiantly helped me understand some of this better.
His younger years he recalls as his sinful years. He writes about how he went wild. The sins Augustine seems to talk about a lot are his sexual adventures, and also the time he stole pears with some of his friends. I’m not really sure as to why the fact of him stealing pears makes him feel so guilty, but none the less it gets to him. He writes about how he and his friends had no motive to steal the pears, they just wanted to do bad. It almost sounds like he wants to be like God, or act like God, meaning he can do anything. Augustine blames the stealing of the pears partly on his friends for peer pressuring him into doing it.
Another thing that will greatly affect his conversion to Catholicism is his sexual desires. He talks about them more frequently in his teen and young adult years, but as he gets older, it seems to block his path to…

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