Analysis Of The Book ' By David Pelzer Essay

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David Pelzer was the main character and author of the book he was a boy that struggled most of his young adolescent to overcome his past abuse. His main straight though out the whole book is his resilient and his ability to love. David was determined once he set his mind to something and not much would change him once he decided to do something. When David was not guarding his hart he was able to truly care and love people and most found him easy to love as well.
Mr. Pelzer was David’s father and a firefighter. He seemed to love his children but was not strong enough emotionally to be able to love his children enough to protect them. With David felt guilty for hiding behind his work and drinking and not protecting that is why he distanced himself from David though out his son’s live. One strength that he has was that he was a hero to his son even years’ latter after all was said and done. This was due to the fact that he saved lives for a living. One thing that could have been changed about Mr. Pelzer though family consoling, if it had been implemented as a part of the family treatment plain, was his lack of self-confidence and his own emotional baggage that kept him from helping his sons.
Mrs. Pelzer was David’s mother who abused him for his fist twelve years of life before moving on to abuse his younger brother when David was no longer available. She tried to justify he treatment of David and felt that she done no wrong because it was David who was the bad kid and need…

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