Analysis Of The Book ' Brent Staples ' Essay

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The author of this story, Brent Staples, experiences how black males are portrayed in society. Several incidents that occur in his life were related to a form of discrimination of the African American race. He is seen as a threat to humans in public that are not of the same race. Just because of his race he was getting defined as a criminal in the society and even getting convicted of crimes he did not commit. The author faces many encounters where he is facing discrimination, fearing going out in public, and not being accepted in society. The author faces discrimination because he is seen as a threat to many people in public. Many women he encounters on the streets, go out of there way to avoid him at all cost. “After dark, on the warrenlike streets of Brooklyn where I live, I often see women who fear the worst from me. They seem to have set their faces on neutral, and with their purse straps strung across their chests bandolier-style, they forge ahead as though bracing themselves against being tackled (Staples 539). Many women he unexpectedly faced on the streets thought the worst of the situation and would identify him as a rapist or mugger because of his color. Black men are always the first people who society see as a threat. “The fateful night began when Zimmerman called the police after he claimed Martin was acting suspiciously by walking in a neighborhood where he was not recognized. Against the wishes of the police dispatcher, Zimmerman approached Martin, who was…

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