Analysis Of The Book ' Brenda And Nick ' Essay

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Brenda and Nick are married. Brenda is a playful free spirit who enjoys giving Nick a hard time. Brenda thinks that Nick understands her well enough to know that she does not mean anything by her playfulness. Nick is tired when he gets home. Brenda buys Nick shirts she knows he does not like because she finds it amusing. Brenda does not like shopping so she does not do a good job on purpose. Nick does not have time to go shopping for himself so he counts on Brenda. Brenda is just being playful but it irritates Nick. This attitude is very destructive because Nick most likely will get tired of being a punching bag and take action against Brenda. Fortunately, this couple went to therapy, which allowed them to unfold some of their frustrations. Understanding our partner’s values can prevent conflict. In this case, Brenda learned that it is rude to torture Nick for her amusement. Nick learned that Brenda does hate shopping so now they do much online. They get along much better now.


Trust develops early in a relationship. It is hard to obtain from most. Those who had bad previous relationships have the tendency of bringing their baggage along. You must allow your partner to have enough breathing space in their life. Actions provoked by distrust resulting in suffocating your partner with demands, questioning and being controlling, will most likely drive your partner away.

Tunisia and Shawn had a very active life, though they spent a lot of time together. At some…

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