Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Blood Brothers '

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Blood Brothers

After they finished washing clothes and had supper started, Nancy saw Charity fingering the pages of the tablet the census taker had given her.
“If you’d like, we can start doing some lessons each day,” said Nancy.
“Oh, yes ma 'am,” exclaimed Charity, “I would like that very much.” Nancy could see that Charity was going to be an eager student, and as quick witted as she was, she should be a good one.
She was right. Charity took to schooling, like a duck to June bug; she soaked up learning, like a sponge. Within a week, she knew her numbers to one hundred, and with the help of Nancy and Henry, She was learning the alphabet, and how to write her name. Charity was determined to learn to read and write words, like the ones she saw in Mr. Williams’ census book.
Paper was scarce; therefore, she and Henry took to doing her classes outside, using sticks to write in the dirt, so as to conserve the ever-so-valuable, paper. Nancy had several cherished books she’d kept with her from her youth, and one that had been a gift from the man they traded for the stove and furniture. Each night, after supper, she and Henry took turns reading aloud to everyone. Eli had never learned to read nor write, other than his name- however, he too, seemed to enjoy their literary get-togethers each night.
As for the books they read from, according to Nancy, the most important one was called, the Holy Bible; however, Charity and Henry much preferred the book about a man named Robinson…

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