Analysis Of The Book ' Blackfish ' Essays

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LAZY ARGUING Sea World’s attempt to refute the documentary “Blackfish” was so disappointing. It did not just fail; it crashed and burned. “Blackfish” is a documentary that shows the psychological and physical harm Sea World is doing to their Killer whales by keeping them in a confined space. The Documentary also demonstrates the danger Sea World is putting their trainers in by having them work with their killer whales. In response Sea World published, on their website, an article titled "Truth about Blackfish". The article attempts multiple times to discredit "Blackfish" by using weak arguments and deception. These strategies fail by the end of the article and leave the readers unconvinced that Sea World is not harming their own killer whales. As a result they also failed to change the readers perceptions about "Blackfish" being a Documentary. Sea World had multiple opportunities in this article to address the important claims made by “Blackfish” such as the psychological harm captivity has on killer whales or the dangers of working with killer whales with scientific research of their own. Instead they chose to attack the validity of the video footage and the scientists and former employees, never actually addressing the key main points of the documentary. The beginning of their article starts out strong making valid arguments that successfully convinces it 's readers to entertain and think about the idea that “Blackfish” might indeed just be manipulative…

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