Analysis Of The Book ' Black ' By Leonard Black Essay

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This passage is written and depicted by Leonard Black, a slave born in Annarudel county about 60 miles from Baltimore, Maryland. In the early start of his story Black lets the reader know due to learning limitations forced upon slaves he had little education. And by writing this it would help with further continuation of his scholarly studies from the funds gained by its sale. This story was published in the year of 1847. Black questions throughout his narrative how one could be a Christian and not see the true evils of slavery. He struggled with understanding being able to think of a another human being as inferior and compared to livestock, chattel! Black was bonded in slavery for over 20 years and his first owner was a carpenter, Mr. Bradford . At a very young age he was subjected to violence at the hands of the house Mistress. It was one particular incident “Mrs. Bradford ordered me one day to take a bushel of corn up stairs; but I was unable to do it, upon which she knocked me down with the Johnny-cake board, cutting my head so badly that it bled more than a quart. It was then that I thought of my mother.” (Black 7) In this moment he reflected on the lost of what would have been a parental shield and maternal love he so longingly wanted. “To be at the will of another, to be owned like a cow or horse, and liable at any moment to be sold to the highest bidder, to be transported to a distant part of the country, leaving the dearest relatives behind; to be, in fine, ground…

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