Analysis Of The Book ' Bird By Bird ' By Anne Lamott Essay

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This is Rhetorical Critique on an excerpt of the book “Bird by Bird” written by Anne Lamott. The story has the broad topic of the first draft. Lamott decides to approach the topic and says why first drafts are important. Lamott expresses her affinity to the topic by explaining her past experience and attributes to them by explaining her process. Many people don’t like to write first drafts but after reading the story they at least will understand the importance of them. This leads to Lammot’s approach in the story to prove her claims. In “Bird by Bird” published by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group in 1994, Anne Lamott explains the importance of a first draft. The author starts writing about how writers need to write first drafts of their work in order to achieve their best level of writing. Lamott states that most writers write the first draft to achieve their wonderful work and increase their writing confidence. She states that most authors aren 't aware how their piece of writing is going to turn out at the end and many of them struggle to start to write anything. Lamott states that most writers use the draft to start their writing process. The first draft can be considered a “child’s draft” according to Lamott this is because in this draft the author can write whatever comes to their mind no matter how ridiculous something sounds. The author of this piece gives a personal example, she uses her experience as a food reviewer to display the importance of a first draft…

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