Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me ' Essay

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The great Chuck D from the group Public Enemy once said, “Racists created racism to separate the races.” This is ironic that I ‘m writing a similar blog to conclude this semester with the one that I started the semester with. In my blog named “Striving to Change Perception” back in January, I described a factual event in my that mirrors identically towards the one Ta-Nehisi Coates ' describes in his book “Between the World and Me”. Speaking of the same paralyzing terror Ta-Nehisi captures the thoughts that run through one’s mind when an African American is pulled over by an officer of the peace. Frankly speaking, I am certain one or two entertained notions I was exaggerating, however, without saying, the same horrific story has been reproduced. As I stated in my blog “One will never understand unless you live through it”. Scripted, 64 times in this book, sixty-four times, is the word “fear”, some of which is specifically referring to the fear African American males have for those that are supposed to protect and serve. Briefly, I touched on Patriarchy when I described the way I raise my children, especially my boys in the same blog. Imparting wisdom to them of how a man carries himself at all times, and sacrifices for his family.
Let me be clear, I possess the ultimate reverence for the courage police officers possess. Two of my favorite people in the entire world wear that uniform, my best friend, and his wife are officers of the law. Pursuing and bringing unscrupulous…

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