Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me ' Essay

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In the book “Between the World and Me,” Ta-Nehisi Coates addresses the issue that revolves around the black body. In America we have blacks that live in fear by treatment they receive from education, police, and society due to the color of their skin. Another factor would be how blacks are excluded and targeted from the system all over America. This is a tremendous case that is happening currently in America in which the role of the pipeline is taking its part of. Statistics demonstrate that blacks that dropout end up in jail or are victims of police brutality. The form of education called pipeline can be viewed as exclusion in a way of setting a path way for blacks to jail or a style of living. For example, there is a messed up system with education too which we hardly notice because we believe it benefits everyone. However, there is a “pipeline” of where the teachers kick a certain minority of blacks and browns outside of the classroom. Which later they would end up in jail just because they have been seen bad there whole lives at school. In my argument Professor Roam mentions in one of her lectures that these pipelines occur. Another example, you can search about the statistics of drops outs of the majorities. The study behind the drop outs are by the rapid growth up suspension of students from school as mentioned in this article online “Black men who dropped out of high school have very high risk of going to prison: study”. There is a chart below provided by the…

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