Analysis Of The Book ' Ben 's Case ' Essay

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After they hang up Tasha runs into the kitchen with the pictures that were done at his mother’s house. She carefully hangs them on the fridge. Rod glances at the pictures as he walks by the fridge with a bag of ice. He then backs up slowly and looks more closely. “Who drew this picture Tasha?” “Your friend Ben, why you like it?” Rod snatches the picture off the fridge and heads to the den. He pulls a folder out of a box titled “Ben’s Case” and shuffles through papers and stops abruptly on a page. Rod looks closely at the two signatures with his criminal eye and shouts out “Damn!” He realizes that he knows who forged
Ben’s signature on several of the documents the court used against him. Rod stops the music and tells everyone at the barbeque to “Get out, party 's over” and runs back to the den. He calls his cousin Ty, informs him about the discovery and tells him to meet at Harper
Securities. “Make sure Samantha is there and I 'm bringing...the Oracle.” Ty is surprised that he is bringing “The Oracle.” Rod finally arrives and walks alone into Ben 's old office where Ty still works. Samantha says, “I knew that Ben wouldn’t have anything to do with fraud. Where is this “Oracle” that you were talking about. Rod tells them that he’s in the bathroom. There is a knock at the door, Ty opens it and they see a sixteen-year-old boy. Samantha looks very confused. Rod explains that Oren is the youngest counterfeiter in North America and the only one to never raise the suspicion of the…

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