Analysis Of The Book ' Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother ' By Amy Chua

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In the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua, I had a lot of mixed feels about the story that she told. The overall purpose of this book was to show the difference between the different parenting styles in different cultures and I believe she did a good job explaining it. Throughout the novel, I did agree with some of the things she did to her children but on the other hand I did not agree with her. At times, she was very controlling over her children and never gave them a chance to become the person that they want to be. I believe a parent needs to give their child guidance, but not control their child.
Growing up I always had strict parents, I thought some of their rules were unfair or harsh but looking back now I appreciate how hard they made me work. As the author explained why she raised her kids that way I was able to understand her parenting style more. Whether, her style was strict or not the mother only wanted the best for her children and it sometimes came off the wrong way. Overall, I do not think people looked at home much she did for her children. She spent hours at piano and violin lesson, spent time helping her children with all the school work, and she also worked fifty hours a week. This mother was brutal, cruel and very demanding but she did everything she can to make her children to see. I think that is the main goal of a parent is to make sure that their child is safe and becomes successful in their future.
As I was going through the book…

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