Analysis Of The Book ' At The Dark End Of The Street ' Essay

1330 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
If you asked multiple people what they thought of history and history books they might say, It’s boring…those books are filled with bias opinions. Well Danielle L. McGuire’s book, At the Dark End of the Street, is defiantly not boring. Reading this book helps me better understand the role African American women had, and how it was so important. This is a book mentions not only the struggles African Americans had during the civil rights movement, but the struggles women faced specifically. You always hear about the super famous men who started and influenced the movement, but what about the women. Without some of the women, and their stories, we see throughout the book we would really have no clue as to how hard these women worked. We couldn’t see all that they had sacrificed for change. When first starting the book McGuire tells a great narrative about where Rosa Parks came from. He includes history of both her mother and father and how they got here as well. When going through Rosa’s history readers find out she was a member of the NAACP. Back in that time frame of the civil rights movement women really didn’t know their place, so to become a member of such a prominent groups of people was a big deal. McGuire also tells us a story about Recy Taylor, and her being gang raped by white men. Now back in this time that was nothing new or out of the ordinary (which is sad). Rosa parks heard about Taylor’s story and, “eleven years later a group of homegrown leaders would take…

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