Analysis Of The Book ' At Home ' Essay

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1. A. What do you think this text is about on the surface? After giving your opinion, use a quote from the text to back it up.
At Home is about a lawyer convincing his seven year old son, Seryozha, not to smoke anymore. Despite being a successful lawyer, Bykovsky does not know what to say to his son and his mind scrambles for words. Bykovsky tries many ways to convince Seryozha, but the child seems to be distracted by his own thoughts. At the end, Bykovsky tells a story to Seryozha about an emperor’s son who died from smoking, which has an impact on Seryozha.
“’Secondly, you smoke…. That’s very bad. Though I smoke it does not follow that you may. I smoke and know that it is stupid, I blame myself and don’t like myself for it.’ (“A clever teacher, I am!” he thought).”
B. What is the deeper meaning? After giving your opinion, use another quote form the text to back this up.
Though this story is about a father persuading his young son to stop smoking, it is more thought provoking than the surface. Bykovsky has a philosophical approach to parenting. After all of the techniques Bykovsky uses to persuade Seryozha, it is the story of the emperor’s son that has an impact on Seryozha and he promised not to smoke again. Bykovsky wonders why the truth cannot be expressed in its raw form, but instead it is embellished. To be truly understood by Seryozha, Bykovsky had to sugar-coat reality and present it in the form of art.
“’They would tell me it was the influence of beauty, artistic…

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