Analysis Of The Book ' At Face Vaue ' By Tupac Shakur Essay

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At face vaue, Untitled 1, by Tupac Shakur is a poem about African Americans and their struggle, but this poem has a deeper meaning and purpose. This poem speaks to the reader, and hopeully sparks the reader to try to bring about change. In ¨Untitled 1,¨ by Tupac Shakur, the theme is how African Americans have been discriminated by other races and even self-discriminated and how that needs to be changed. Shakur examines the struggles of African Americans, such as how they have been discriminated for a very long time and the sorrow that it has caused. That being said, he remains hopeful towards the future, and wants to inspire others to spark change.
The theme of lines 1-7 in, ¨Untitled 1¨ by Tupac Shakur is that African Americans have been oppressed over many generations, unecessarily. He describes the world ¨as a ghetto, that they cannot leave¨(Shakur, 4), referring to ghettos such as Compton, where Shakur grew up. Furthermore, Shakur begins to introduce the idea that the ghetto is a self-fulfilling prophecy that his people cannot escape, as the vicious cycle continues on and on. Additionally, Shakur says that his people, ¨believe that the world is a prison.¨ This line has meaning on multiple levels, as in many ways the world itself, is like a prison for African Americans; but this line also refers to the African Americans that are actually in prison. Shakur is trying to shed light on the issue of the amount of African Americans in prison compared to other races. In fact,…

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