Analysis Of The Book ' Animal Farm ' Essay

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In today’s society, it is clear to see how education can make a huge difference in the world. Knowledge has been searched for worldwide for centuries. Many yearn to learn and acquire new skills. Wars have been fought, ideas have been challenged, and new information has popped up across the globe. Education, throughout history, has proved itself to be vital to the wellbeing of a group. Without it, the few that are smarter than others can quickly take control. Dictatorships arise and basic rights are constrained. This leads to a downward spiral of tyranny and suffering. To make matters worse, the lower class of knowledge may not even realize that it is being taken advantage of. With the help of eloquent speakers and persuasive diction, any rebellion can be squashed. In Animal Farm, this downward spiral is illustrated fluently by manipulating language and suppressing the naive into subordination.
At the beginning of the novel, the intentions of the animals are quite good. Each strongly desires a life free of the tyrannical Mr. Jones, who has been the source of their misery for years. old Major, the prized and wise pig of the farm, delivers a phenomenal speech that stirs each animal to its feet and drives many of them to tears. He refers to the other animals as comrades because he believes they need to unite together in order to form a more perfect union. The rebellious mood in the room is fed by Major’s speech because it describes how every animal at the farm has felt before.…

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