Analysis Of The Book ' Ancient Egyptian Themed ' And ' The River Nile '

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Meta: Big in scope and huge in stature, the latest release from Portomaso Gaming certainly has an impressive aura to it. Titled Nefertari, will you be able to unearth the jackpots hidden amidst the sands?

Nefertari Review

Ancient Egypt is often one of the most common themes used in online casino slots, with there being a good reason for that. You can find all sorts of iconography in such games, ranging from Cleopatra and King Tut through to mummies and the River Nile. Saying that, while the familiarity of Ancient Egyptian themed online slots is great and all, players seemingly long to see something different. Answering this call is Portomaso Gaming, who have created Nefertari, a fresh online slots release that takes the Ancient Egyptian theme in a new direction.

For a little bit of history, Nefertari was the first of the Great Royal wives of King Ramesses the Great. But history aside, this game really does pull out all the stops as far as action is concerned, thus making it a title we wholeheartedly recommend.

To the Sahara Desert and back

Nefertari has the makings of great looking Ancient Egyptian themed slot. There is the Sahara Desert in the background behind the reels, which really sets the tone for what this game is all about. It is turning into dusk, as we can only see the outlines of palm trees in the distance. The reels will be grabbing the most of your attention, when you play this game as they are strategically placed centre screen.

Amidst the sands of time…

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