Analysis Of The Book ' Ain 't Jokin ' By Carrie Mae Weems Essay

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Carrie Mae Weems is best known for her black and white photography, which is based around racial issues such as racism and stereotyping. In the series “ain’t jokin” Weems covers many stereotypes and issues African Americans deal with on a daily basis. Weems aims to bring to light the racist issues from not only other races but racism within the black community. The series Ain’t Jokin hit these problems face on. Weems an African American herself has faced many of these issues in her own life, which is what inspired her works of art. The images in this series are titled after what are supposed to be humorous stereotypes about black culture, which contrast tremendously with the portraits themselves. The work is a series of black and white photos portraying African American people holding objects such as a watermelon or chicken underneath each photo is a caption describing and stereotype that they are portraying. The inspiration for the work is racism, and stereotypes that African Americans were facing at this time period. The artist created the series by taking photos where African American people are being photographed with objects that were known to be stereotypical to their race. One of the photographs is of a young African American woman holding a piece of chick-en; another is of a young man holding a watermelon. In both of these pictures the stereotype was obvious to the viewer, but Weems captured the pain in their eyes and created a very nostalgic mood. The photos…

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