Analysis Of The Book ' Abraham Lincoln ' Vampire Hunter Essay example

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Author Seth Grahame-Smith uses both historical fact and fiction in developing our sixteenth president’s character in his book Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Grahame-Smith intertwines historically documented events and myths about Lincoln’s life with his vampire hunting concept to make his book “believable.” Grahame-Smith explains major events that shaped Lincoln as a consequence of vampire activity. Nancy Lincoln’s death when Abraham was 9 years old, as well as the deaths of his aunt and uncle, Elizabeth and Tom Sparrow, were explained as consequences of Lincoln’s father not paying his bills on time to his vampire loan collector. Grahame-Smith makes the claim that they were killed by a “fool’s dose of vampire blood.” In reality, the three died from milk sickness, which according to David Herbert Donald, a renowned Lincoln historian, was a disease that was caused by cows “eating the luxuriant but poisonous white snake root plant” they found on their wanderings through the wild forest. Additionally, after the death of his mother, Grahame-Smith’s Lincoln is pictured with his drunken father, who recounts the story of Lincoln’s grandfather’s death as an attack by vampires instead of Native Americans. Donald and popular scholarship confirm that it was a group of mortal Native Americans that attacked Lincoln’s namesake while he was planting his fields with his sons. Grahame-Smith uses the story of Lincoln’s grandfather’s death to suggest the immenseness of the vampire…

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