Analysis Of The Book ' A History Of The World ' Six Glasses '

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3 Para summary: The novel A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage explains important events in history based on and/or affected by the 6 most influential beverages that shaped the path of history by highly influencing cultures and politics. From beer to coca cola, the history of the world is covered from Mesopotamia to today.
Approximately 12,000 years ago, the hunter gatherers began to settle after discovering the ability to store cereal grains and farm (among other reasons), they began to unearth the properties of grains when soaked in water. This liquid would be added to stews, but eventually was consumed by itself. This liquid is beer, and was the first alcoholic drink created. Soon wine became brought to attention, and was a newfound symbol of wealth and class among the people, based on the age and what kind you drank. The Greek customs of wine drinking (symposion) spread to many different countries and highly influences how we view wine today. Wine was made popular by King Ashurnasirpal II of Assyria in 870 BCE, although the first development of wine took place between 9000 and 4000 BCE. In Cordoba, people began experimenting with the distillation of alcohol. One of the first purposes of distilled wine was medicine, as it was believed to be a miraculous cure to all diseases. During the massive expansion of slaves to be used in sugar production in 1492, the Europeans traded brandy to the Africans in exchange for slaves because of its convenience. Soon…

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