Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' A Doll 's House '

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Seeking Truth in A Doll 's House.

The characters, in Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House, are hiding from each other and seeking the truth about each other and about life. The game of hide and seek that Nora plays with her children, she also plays with her husband. She hides her actions and her true personality from him. He also hides his life from her. Thinking that she would never even understand, he keeps all the business of their relationship secret from her. Although Nora hides from her husband, she also plays the role of seeker. Nora wants to seek out the truth of her life. Much of the play is a game of hide and seek. Excellent.

Nora plays a game of "hide and seek"(Ibsen 506)* with her children. The simple game can be seen also as a symbol of real life in the play. Nora is playing hide and seek with the adults in her life. Nora is trying to keep something away from public knowledge and especially away from her husband. She hides the fact that she borrowed money to save his health. She was afraid that if Torvald knew that she had taken initiative to borrow money to help him that it would be "painful and humiliating"(Ibsen 501) for him. She knows that Torvald needs to feel in control of everything. So she hides her actions from him.

Nora hides the fact that she has done something illegal from Torvald. She is given the opportunity to tell Torvald and maybe get his support or advise on the situation, and she lies to him to…

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