Analysis Of The Book ' A Child 's Christmas ' Essay

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A Child’s Christmas in Warrnambool
This text A Child’s Christmas in Warrnambool’ is an extract from the book The Complete Book of Australian Verse written by Dylan Thompson. This extract is written in Standard English prose and is directed towards members of the general public whom are interested in Australian culture and students or academics studying this period of time. Being an Extract from a book, the primary purpose is to engage the readers by demonstrating both a descriptive and creative use of language to illustrate the conditions of Christmas during this period of time; is stylised by its entertainment function. The secondary purpose of this text is to describe the actual events that have occurred during this period of time, this is documented by its referential function. The register of this text is primarily formal; however, it does contain elements of informality. Since this text explores the Christmas in Australia, it will also reflect some Australian values and culture.
The primary purpose is observed through its ceremonial function and is supported by the lexical and semantic features. The use of large amounts of adjectives and adverbs to pre-modify certain nouns is evident in the text. In line 8, ‘the distant constant slowly listless bang’, creates a very unique and specific imagery, suitable for literary entertainment. The lack of any punctuation between these modifiers suggest that the modifiers are read through quickly and the emphasis lands on the final…

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