Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' 6 Rightist From Small Shop '

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6 Rightist From Small Shop

Song Wenzai, my grandfather-in-law, was not tall, but handsome with big, clean eyes and bushy eyebrows, straight nose. The inspiring righteousness flowed in his forehead. The heavy beards were all the way on his both cheeks. With a strong Hunan accent, high voice, smiled all the time, he was a kind man with a cheerful look.

With his childhood family poverty, went to apprentice learned hand printing as a teenage in Hunan province. At age of twenty, he came to Hubei, started a hand printing workshop, with selling groceries, earned enough money to feed the family.

But, after public-private partnership in the year of 1956, the family life suddenly became bitter, poor and harder. With simple goodness, no distractions, wholeheartedly, and love for the Communist Party, he actively participated "fanfare” that was asked and encouraged by the Communist Party, offered advices, criticism and suggestions to the government, however, he was labeled as rightist soon. From that moment, this simple respect, skinny, thin man, suffered a lifetime of humiliation, discrimination and inhuman treatment.

That year, I was five years old. After the shop was closed, my father had to participate a political studying meeting every night. Mother was busy to take care of my younger brother, or too busy to make needlework for money to pay mush attend to me sometimes. One night, I sneaked out the house to go play around and slipped into the Federation of…

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