Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' Essay

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No one person truly thinks the exact same way, which is why there’s such diverse society’s throughout the world. The fact that 1984, a novel written in 1949 could have such accurate representation of a present day society like North Korea, shown in the documentary ‘The Propaganda Game”, seems impossible. It comes as a shock that two societies can be such a perfect simulacrum of each other. It brings up the question, “who truly thought of the ideals first and how do they compare?” When side by side, both societies are different, but there’s still an unthinkable amount of similarities between how their society is formed, and the past of their society.
At the beginning of Book One in the novel 1984, it is clearly displayed to the reader that manipulation is a fundamental aspect of Oceania’s society. The Party, which is the government of Oceania, illustrates exactly how the public views them. The exploitation of people’s perspective is also a concept that North Koreas government uses. The Party and North Korea have their separate ways of accomplishing this task, but they still resemble one other. The governments have in play a huge figure that everyone gives perpetual praises too. The main difference between each society, is in North Koreas society they have their own Dictator Kim Jong-Un as their main hero figure. In Oceania, The Party uses a separate figure called Big Brother who represents them. Big Brother is the “leader and guardian of the Revolution since its very…

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