Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' Essay

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In part three of 1984 Winston the main character of the book awakens in a very bright room with four telescreens in each side. He is in a cell at the Ministry of Love. He had no idea how long he has been in this room, but what he did know was that he was very hungry. Before he was brought to this bright cell he was put in an ordinary prison or temporary lock-up. Winston described this place as dark smelly and full of people. The majority of the people were common criminals and there were also a few political prisoners like Winston. Winston also said that the common criminal were treated with a little more respect whereas the political prisoners were being tortured and less respected. While Winston was sitting on a bench in his cell a women was thrown at Winston’s laps by the guards. Winston thought this lady was probably his mother because they both had the same name, was old enough to be his mother, and right physique. Committing suicide goes through Winston’s head because of starvation and being beaten in prison. O’Brian also reveals himself to Winston that he is part of the Ministry of love. O’Brian begins to brainwash Winston; however Winston goes with it because he knows he won’t be tortured anymore. Winston came to a conclusion that O’Brian had been in his position at one point when O’Brian Says “They’ve got you too? They got me a long time ago” (Orwell 238). O’Brian makes Winston feel like he does not exist anymore when he makes Winston look in a mirror. He is skinny,…

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