Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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1984 Critical Analysis Can human characteristics be easily taken away by force and manipulation? In order to be completely human, one must have the freedom to think, speak, and act for themselves with minimal influence by others around them. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Winston Smith, the main character, faces many conflicts, one of which was to stay human in the presences of a totalitarian party. The state in which he is currently residing in, Airstrip One, Oceania, has been taken over by a totalitarian party known as Big Brother, who uses psychological manipulation and fear to control its citizens. Winston desperately seeks freedom and a way to rebel against the party which gets himself into a massive amount of trouble. Throughout the story Winston manages to stay human by purchasing little objects from the black-market and by finding love. The story is ultimately a warning against totalitarianism and the corrupt power it has over the people living in the area. One way that Winston managed to stay human was through purchasing little objects that he found in the black-market. The first object that he illegally bought from the black-market was a diary. Winston used that diary to write his thoughts and everything that he was unable to speak out loud. Thought crime was a big deal in Oceania and anyone who is found committing the crime was severely punished, therefore this event is especially important. By writing in the diary, Winston is maintaining a quality of being…

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