Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

1656 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
The book, 1984 by George Orwell, is dystopian and political novel that describes authoritarian government that manipulate the public dictates the political system to control the public and persecute any individualism and independent thinking. The story is placed in London, in the nation of Oceania, during 20th century. London in this story is ruled by the upper-class Party which controls public in mechanisms of new language, telescreen, and even people’s thought.
Winston Smith, the main character, is one of the low-ranking members of the ruling party in Oceania. In Oceania, the omniscient leader, Big Brother, controls the whole nation, and the Party watches everywhere through telescreens. The Party controls everything even the history, history, and people’s thoughts to prevent the ‘thoughtcrime’, which is the worst crime. In the beginning to the climax, Winston feels frustrated by the oppressive control of the Party, so he constantly commits small illegal crimes. Also, he thinks O’Brien, the member of high-ranking Party, is involved in the Brotherhood - the group that goes against to the Party and Big Brother - and can help his rebellion. Winston’s work is to alter the historical records to make every word of Big Brother true. Then, Winston finds out that a beautiful dark haired girl, Julia, loves him, and they fall in love with each other drastically. Spending a lot of time with Julia at the poorest area where proles live, Winston talks about the history with full of…

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