Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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In George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, he describes the totalitarian society by creating it into the predicted future. The audience is introduced to the main character, Winston Smith, at the very beginning of the novel. Winston is like any other citizen in Oceania, following the rules and trying to stay out of trouble. He meets a brunette named Julia, who he has had sexual thoughts about for a decent amount of time. Julia and he end up meeting in private areas for quite some time and rebel against the Party’s rules in acts of sexual intercourse for pleasure. Julia and Winston get caught by their allies, the Brotherhood, who are undercover Party members. Winston endures torture in the Ministry of Love while the Party tries to get him to confess to his crimes. In 1984, love does not exist in the society of Oceania; instead, relationships are based off of expediency and how one can devote themselves to the Party. A relationship that can be noted which is based off of convenience in 1984 is Julia and Winston’s multiple encounters. At the very start of the novel Julia catches Winston’s eye, he is delighted with her appearance, but is very questionable when it comes down to whom she actually is. Winston ruminates on the thought that she is spying on him due to the fact that he keeps seeing her around Oceania. One of the many encounters is when Winston is on his way to the lavatory; he sees Julia fall down and reaches her free hand to Winston to help her. While helping her up…

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