Analysis Of The Book ' 1776 ' By David Mccullough Essay

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1776 is a book written by David McCullough in 2005. The book was written from a third person point of view. It is a narrative about the writing of the Declaration of Independence and what the people from both America and Britain went through in the making of the new country. The book starts out with King George III traveling to the Parliament to deliver a message of the American rebellion. There was a debate in the House of Commons about the decision, but later voted in favor of the King. Burke was against the King’s decision to escalate the rebellion. The British were victorious with the Battle of Bunker Hill, but they had faced significant casualties and a lot of deaths in the battle. Nathanael Greene was a military commander who was self educated and the youngest general in the American army. Troops from New England begin arriving in Boston. There was a battle which the British controlled the middle of the town and the Patriots controlled the outer part. John Trumbull aided George Washington. Disease was very ramped among American soldiers. African Americans fought on both sides of the war because the British promised them freedom if they won. However, Washington was having problems with desertion. Washington asked Congress if their enlistments could be longer and to pay the soldiers. Washington fought in the French and Indian War before becoming Commander. The American soldiers arriving in Boston is made mostly up of colonists that have never fought before. Congress…

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