Analysis Of The Book ' 1491 ' By Charles C. Mann Essay example

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The book, 1491, by author Charles C. Mann delivers a meticulously crafted masterpiece of the “true” history of the Native Americans before the Europeans invaded the Americas and rewrote their history. Mann delves deep into the once pristine and massive empires of Native Americans that are typically disregarded in our modern day society due to sheer ignorance of life before modern colonization began. The author himself, Charles C. Mann, is a highly accomplished writer that has written for many big time companies such as The New York Times, Smithsonian, and even The Washington Post. He has received multiple writing awards from a vast majority of fields that range from the American Institution of Physics to the Lannan Foundation. In fact, 1491, earned the title “best book of the year” by the National Academies Communication. In my opinion, the book, 1491, deserved this title because of its sheer ability to uncover a whole new “world” with evidence ranging from demographics all the way to molecular science. Through its various inquiries into indigenous cultures and life before Columbus arrived, Mann’s 1492 unveils the true history of the people that inhabited the Americas before colonization.
The main theme of this book is that the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas were misinterpreted and, instead, they: had a cultural history, inhibited the land long before previously thought, had a vast population, and shaped landscapes to create cities that are larger than some…

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