Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' 12 Angry Men '

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Besides being a gripping, triumphant story told in a unique way 12 Angry Men is in many ways a tale of a Devil’s Advocate and how his leadership allows the jury of which he is a member to open themselves to new information, perspectives, and possibilities. Juror 8 is subtly implied to be the “good guy” by his dress; the only pure white suit among a dozen modes of dress, and initial script blocking; going straight to the window, the only initial source of light in the room and almost wistfully gazing out at the sky to the point of distraction. From the outset, he is portrayed almost as an Angel’s Advocate among devils.

He then proceeds to voice the only dissenting opinion and to explore it rigorously enough to allow all the other jurors to explore the case more thoroughly themselves. He uses a healthy imagination and wit to construct a potential narrative in which the evidence presented may be called into question and to present the possibilities of his assertions through the use of demonstration and hypothetical. He engages an entire room of overheated, middle class, adult men, and persuades them to think outside of themselves for a few hours and imagine the world from a different perspective. In truth, Juror 8 would likely have faced significantly less opposition had the jury been more diverse and included individuals more easily able to relate to the defendant on the basis of age or socioeconomic status. But then the men that made up the jury would neither have been…

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