Analysis Of The Bonesetter 's Daughter By Amy Tan Essay

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Experimental writers often subvert the traditional form of a novel by refusing to use a chronological plot line in favor of a less linear one. In The Bonesetter’s Daughter, Amy Tan does not narrate the novel chronologically from Gu Lins birth to Ruth’s life as an adult. Instead the novel is told in a series of seemingly unrelated pieces. In the novel Tan focuses on three main characters. These three characters are related in that they all represent three generations of mother-daughter relationships. The first character introduced is Ruth, who is a first generation Chinese American. Next is her mother LuLing, who was born in China, but later emigrated to the United States after World War II. The last character introduced is Precious Auntie who is the daughter of a bonesetter. The main theme throughout The Bonesetter 's Daughter is the importance of mother-daughter relationships, and how without communication these relationships suffer. The relationships between mothers and daughters influence the conflicts that each character experiences throughout the novel. Consequently, conflicts such as oppression and identity crisis play a key role in the development of the female characters in the novel. Throughout the novel, Tan discusses these themes in several different ways. These themes are evident in the ways that the mothers, daughters, and spouses are seen and how each character is characterized by their roles in their relationships throughout the entirety of the novel. In…

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