Analysis Of The Block Five Ap Stats Class At Silver Creek High School

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1). The Block Five AP Stats class at Silver Creek High School conducted an experiment with the intent to answer the question, “Who is Better at Using Chopsticks: Boys or Girls?”. To begin the study, everyone in the class was asked to write their name on a piece of paper. The papers were then collected and separated by gender. Five boys and five girls were then randomly selected by drawing the papers with names from a hat. The names were stirred and mixed in the hat prior to selection. The ten test subjects were given a pair of chopsticks that were all similar in length and diameter. Each participant was also given a Dixie cup which was filled with five M&Ms and five raisins. It was then explained to the subjects that they must start the experiment with the five M&Ms and five raisins in the bottom left-hand corner of their desk, and the Dixie cup was placed at the upper right-hand corner of their desk. The participant’s task was to use the chopsticks to pick up and move the five M&Ms and five raisins from the lower left-hand corner of their desk into the Dixie cup at the upper right-hand corner of their desk. The test subject’s goal in this experiment was to move the ten objects from Point A (starting area) to Point B (Dixie cup) as fast as possible. Each participant was assigned a timer to record the time it took for the subject to move all ten items from the starting area to the Dixie cup. In order to eliminate a source of possible error in the data, it was determined…

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