Analysis Of The Biography ' Mark Erndt Jr ' Essay

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Mark Erndt Jr was born june 29th 1997. He came out of his mother at a whopping 11lbs and 2 feet long. He attended Mount Forest elementary for kindergarten and 1st grade, then switched schools to St. Michaels elementary for 2nd-3rd grade, and finished 4th-6th back in Mt. Forest. In elementary he was a very smart child, doing very well in all subjects and showing intelligence greater than the majority of his peers. He did not have many friends in elementary, he only had his best friends Dylann and Arthur. As he made the transition into middle nothing got better he had the same friends and he honestly stopped trying in school. In his freshman year he had seemingly lost his friends. Dylann and Arthur had found more friends leaving him somewhat left behind. In his final two years in high school he started making more genuine friends and getting more active. He joined track and field in his junior year. In his senior year he joined cross country and continued track and field. His last two years were the best years of grade school for him and he wishes it would have lasted alot longer. After high school he made his way to Delta College. He went into college with only his wits and the small support from his two other best friends, Hannah and Matt. His immediate family gave him support, but at first it felt more like it was an expectation to do well from his mother. His father did not expect him to do well in his first semester. He thought he would fail one of his classes at least.…

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