Analysis Of The Beginners Guide By Willie Wreden

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Art is ever growing; we admire the simple act of creation indefinitely. What about knowing the creator of the art that has inspired us? Understanding the creator, at the time they were developing their ideas, is up to our own interpretation. Our response validates their creation. It gives it purpose for a brief moment. Our interpretation leaves room for an idea to be misunderstood; we validate our own values, projecting ourselves into others creations. Everyone wants to be accepted The Beginners Guide by Davey Wreden is a model; in fact, a YouTuber by the name of Jacksepticeye played the game giving his own insight and commentary as he plays. Davey himself takes Coda’s games and allows you to play them to interpret it, yet throughout the …show more content…
An idea of a prison with multiple versions. The games Davey says Coda started obsessing over was the prison games because he had found am idea he liked (Jacksepticeye 0:32:56-0:41:30). The obsession with prisons and solitude was reason alone to worry about his friend. Being confined in a nice room seemed far from a sign of depression. It seemed equivalent to things an introvert experiences like wanting some time to recharge. As Jacksepticeye played he even said, “He has a very nice concept of how houses are. The pristine walls and corridors” (Jacksepticeye …show more content…
He states how he wants to be able to fix everything, find his friend and encourage him to start making games again. In the epilogue, we see a game made by Davey. The player goes into this building, it’s nice at first, then becomes dark, full of dirt, cold, far off, more distant in the inside then what it looks like. Eventually the narrator leaves but the game continues. Instead you are just going through it yourself. In the long run the epilogue’s purpose is to take you a beam. One similar to Coda’s first game in the S.S. Whisper and it’s just like Coda’s game where you give yourself to the beam. Here the bug that was present in the beginning happens once again. Instead of ending, you float above the outer layer map of the game, a maze that reaches on beyond the page except the spot you came from (Jacksepticeye 1:30:30-1:38:50). It feels as though those games were the maze, the games were probably not the part that was important but the player themselves, or in this case who the creator was, who Coda was. In a way watching Jacksepticeye play these games, as I am unable to, allows me to live vicariously through his work. As disturbing as that sounds, it has some truth to it. Don’t allow external validation to be something you need in order to do something you love. Whether that is making video games, dancing, singing, or even designing clothes other people’s validation should not

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