Analysis Of The Bearded Dragon 's Feeding And Accommodation Essay

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Bearded dragon
Feeding and Accommodation
The bearded dragon is an omnivore which means that it can eat other animals so for bearded dragons they can be fed; locusts, meal worms, crickets, and butter worms (Drs Foster and Smith, 2015). Furthermore the bearded dragon will also eat plants such as dandelion greens, clover and mustard greens (Drs Foster and Smith, 2015). The bearded dragon eats vegetables as well for example broccoli, okra, grated carrots (Drs Foster and Smith, 2015) Moreover the bearded dragon will also eat fruit such as apples, grapes and dates (Drs Foster and Smith, 2015). Bearded dragons diets should be suited to their nutritional requirements such as age, sex, health problems and more.
Water should be in a bowl with constant access for the dragons, this should be fresh water each day or more, the bowl should be cleaned each day (Bearded Dragon Care Sheet, Not Dated).
A bearded dragon needs to be housed in a vivarium at least 3ft in length as they do require room to be able to have items such as rocks to be able to bask on, branches and tubes to be able to sleep in/on (Drs Foster and Smith, 2015).
In the accommodation there should always be somewhere for the dragon to hide, some enclosures in the unit did not have this to offer as such but they could hide behind items (The Reptilian, 2016)
The dragon needs to be provided with a ultra-violet light as they are a basking animal (Wissman, M, A, 2016). This light should be no more than 12 inches away from the…

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