Analysis Of The Article ' Writing For Their Lives ' Essay example

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Two experienced writers wrote the article, “Writing For Their Lives”, from the University of California-Berkeley. The first one, Jabari Mahiri, earned a Ph.D. in English, from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He now directs a project called “Teach” that consists of a research initiative that collaborates with urban schools and community partners on uses of new media for increasing student achievement and educational equity. Mahiri has won several mentoring awards, which coincide with his roles as a Senior Scholar, and Faculty Director for writing projects. Lastly, Mahiri has authored/co-authored six books.
Jabari Mahiri at UC-Berkeley taught a woman named Soraya Sablo, who wrote this piece with Mahiri. Since this piece was printed, she had been teaching at Washington Elementary School in Alameda County, California, for five years. A large percentage of her student body is 65% Latino, and 15% African American. The “Journal of Negro Education” published Mahiri and Sablo’s journal, in the spring of 1996. Mahiri and Sablo analyzed two African American high school student’s writing. They wanted to learn more about the kinds of writing these students do for their own purposes outside of school.
Mahiri and Sablo used case studies of two students, Keisha and Troy, in schools near San Francisco to help them along with the attempt find a way to bring together voluntary writing with writing done in school. Keisha was a fifteen-year-old African American girl in tenth grade. She…

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